RS 40000 prize bond draw Result list 11th March 2024 Draw no 28 Online Check


Hello, friends, Imagine waking up one day and finding out you have suddenly got a lot of money. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, in Pakistan, some people try to make this dream come true by buying something called prize bonds. It is like a magic ticket that can turn you into a millionaire overnight. Today, we are going to talk about a very special ticket, the Rs 40,000 prize bond and RS 40000 prize bond draw Result list 2024 11th March Draw no 28th.

This bond is like a golden key, and it is going to be drawn on 11th March 2024. Think about it – in just one day, someone’s life could change forever. That is why it is super exciting, and lots of people are looking forward to it. They are all hoping to be the lucky winner who gets to take home a huge pile of cash. So, let us dive into the world of prize bonds and see how this amazing game of luck works. We will also discuss on this website bisejobs that the prize bond list 40000 online check and 40000 prize bond next draw etc.

40000 Prize Bond List 2024 draw no 28

What Are Prize Bonds?

Prize bonds are like a magical ticket, but instead of getting you into a movie or a fun park, they give you a chance to win a whole lot of money. It’s like a special lottery organized by the government of Pakistan. One of these magical tickets is the Rs 40,000 bond. Imagine holding a piece of paper that could turn into a mountain of cash.


Anyone can buy these bonds, no matter if you’re a kid saving up your pocket money or an adult with a job. You just get one, keep it safe, and then wait for the big day when they draw the numbers. If your bond number gets picked, you could win a prize that’s bigger than the biggest cake you’ve ever seen! It’s a way for people to save their money and have a bit of fun dreaming about what they’d do if they won. So, prize bonds are like a treasure hunt where the treasure is a chance to become super rich.

40000 prize bond draw schedule 2024 :

Prize BondDraw No.CityDraw Date
Rs. 4000028FAISALABAD11 March 2024
Rs. 4000029MULTAN10 June 2024
Rs. 4000030LAHORE10 September 2024
Rs. 4000031MUZAFFARABAD10 December 2024

Winners of RS 40000 Prize Bond Draw List | Premium Prize Bond Draw No 28 11th March 2024:

              DRAW OF Rs.40,000/- Denomination Premium Prize Bond (Registered)
              DRAW OF Rs.40,000/- Denomination Premium Prize Bond (Registered)
Draw No. 28th

Series:	Common Draw					Date: 11/03/2024
First Prize of Rs. 80,000,000/-

Second Prize of Rs.30,000,000/- Each
642104 580072 181666 
FAISALABAD ON 11th MARCH, 2024 - 660 PRIZES OF Rs.500,000/- EACH 												

Details of the Rs 40,000 Prize Bond Draw:

This year, on 11th March, there will be a draw for the Rs 40,000 prize bond. State Bank of Pakistan prize bond draw result 40000 is the 28th time this draw has happened. People who have this bond are waiting to see if they will win. You can check the results online, which is very convenient.

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Download draw No.28 Rs. 40000 Prize bond complete list 11th of March 2024 by National Savings of Pakistan. The Rs. 40000 prize bond list 2024 Faisalabad can also be checked online.

  • Bond Worth: Rs. 40000
  • City: Faisalabad
  • Date: 11-03-2024
  • First Prize: Rs. 80,000,000
  • Second Prize: Rs. 30,000,000
  • Third Prize: Rs. 500,000

Prizes You Can Win:

So, what can you win? The biggest prize is a lot of money! But there are other smaller prizes too. For example, the third prize is also a nice amount of money. This means many people can win something and be happy.

About Premium Prize Bonds:

There are also special prize bonds called “premium” prize bonds. These are similar to the Rs 40,000 bonds but offer a chance to win even more money. They are like a special version of the prize bond.

Schedule for Rs 40,000 Prize Bond Draws:

There’s a plan for when these draws happen throughout the year. The State Bank of Pakistan makes sure everything is done fairly. They pick the winners randomly, so everyone has an equal chance to win. As the Rs 40000 prize bond draw online Result will be announced.

Checking Results and Claiming Prizes:

If you have a prize bond, you can check online to see if you Have won. If you are lucky and win, you need to follow some steps to get your money. It is important to keep your bond safe because you will need it to prove you are the winner.

Future of Rs 40,000 Prize Bond Draws:

There will be more draws in the future. Maybe the prizes will get even bigger. People like to dream and hope, and the prize bond draws give them a chance to do that. Buying a prize bond like the Rs 40,000 one is a bit of a gamble, but it is fun. It is a way to dream about winning big money while saving. The next draw on 11th March 2024 might make someone’s dream come true. Will you try your luck?

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