TOEIC 2024 Test for English Listing and Reading for every One

TOEIC Test for English :

The TOEIC test is a popular way to measure how well you can use English in everyday work and school situations. It’s perfect for students who want to study abroad and for professionals who need English for their jobs. The test checks your skills in listening, reading, speaking, and writing. You can take the TOEIC test online from the comfort of your home. It’s a great way to show off your English skills to schools and employers all over the world. Now we will explain the TOEIC Test Fee structure, the TOEIC test in Pakistan 2024, and TOEIC meaning.

TOEIC Score :

TOEIC ScoreProficiency Level
10-250Basic English proficiency (survival skills)
255-400Elementary proficiency (very limited communication)
405-600Elementary proficiency plus (limited communication)
605-780Limited working proficiency

Module 1: For Beginners :

Module 1 of the TOEIC test is designed for those who are just starting their journey in learning English. Priced at 16,840 rupees, this module focuses on the basics of the English language. It covers simple vocabulary, basic grammar, and everyday phrases that are essential for communication. This module is perfect for beginners who want to build a strong foundation in English. It will help you understand simple conversations and texts, making it easier for you to start using English in your daily life.

Module 2: A Bit Harder :

Module 2 of the TOEIC test is tailored for learners who have a basic understanding of English and are ready to take their skills to the next level. With a fee of 17,640 rupees, this module challenges you with slightly more complex language tasks. It focuses on improving your ability to understand and use English in a variety of situations. You’ll learn more about grammar, expand your vocabulary, and practice listening and reading comprehension. This module is ideal for those who want to boost their confidence in using English for more challenging tasks.

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Module 3: For Advanced Learners :

Module 3 of the TOEIC test is designed for individuals who already have a strong command of the English language. Priced at 18,760 rupees, this module is aimed at advanced learners who want to refine their English skills further. It covers complex grammar structures, advanced vocabulary, and nuanced aspects of the language. This module is perfect for those who want to excel in English for professional or academic purposes. It will challenge you with sophisticated texts and conversations, helping you to achieve a high level of fluency and accuracy in English.

TOEIC Bridge: For Basic Skills :

The TOEIC Bridge test is tailored for beginners who are just starting to learn English. It costs 9,810 rupees and focuses on assessing basic English language skills. This test is ideal for those who want to evaluate their initial proficiency in listening and reading. It provides a solid starting point for learners who aim to improve their English gradually. The TOEIC Bridge test is a great way to gauge your current abilities and set goals for your language learning journey.

Speaking & Writing: For Talking and Writing in English :

The Speaking and Writing part of the TOEIC test is specifically designed for individuals who want to demonstrate their ability to communicate effectively in English. With a fee of 35,040 rupees, this test evaluates your skills in expressing ideas, sharing information, and interacting in various contexts. It is an excellent choice for professionals and students who need to use English in their daily interactions. This test will assess your ability to speak clearly and write coherently, providing valuable feedback on your communication skills.

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Listening & Reading: For Understanding English :

The Listening and Reading part of the TOEIC test is aimed at those who want to prove their ability to comprehend spoken and written English. Priced at 13,760 rupees, this test measures your skills in understanding conversations, announcements, and written texts. It is suitable for individuals who need to follow English instructions, participate in discussions, or read documents in their work or studies. This test will help you demonstrate your proficiency in grasping the meaning of English communications in various formats. Keep visiting our website Bisejobs for the latest and informative News.

Registration Deadline :

Remember to sign up for the TOEIC test before April 8, 2024. Taking this test is a great way to showcase your English language skills to employers, schools, and other institutions. It can open doors to new opportunities and help you achieve your personal and professional goals. If you want to apply online for the TOEIC test 2024 in Pakistan then click below on Button Apply Online.


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