Self Enumeration at Home has Started

        Self Enumeration at home has started on 20 February to 30 March 2023.

What is Self Enumeration App?

Self Enumeration app is installed on android mobile. Through this app, you can enter your family data in any part of the country from your mobile.

The procedure of Self Enumeration

It is a very simple procedure for people to self-register their households. Self Enumeration App from your mobile will work from February 20 to March 30. After downloading enter your family data in any part of the country. Finally, you will get a unique code (UTN). Deliver the UTN number to the teachers (enumerators)on duty in your block in the respective districts on the day of the census by yourself or through someone else or if you are an employee or entrepreneur, write the UTN number to someone at home. All your data will be entered in your respective block as soon as you enter the UTN number if given to the staff.

That way you or the ladies don’t have to stand at the door in your absence.

You can easily download the app through the following Link


You can easily put your data by following these steps…

Benefits of Enumeration

Remember that all people must register the population because, on the basis of this, you are provided with development funds, health centers, schools, colleges, universities, and job opportunities. If the block has less population, it will be merged into another village council in the next elections.

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So try to register your population completely for your rights.


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